Welcome to the Lochmeade Homeowners Association Website

Lochmeade SignWelcome to the website for the Lochmeade Homeowners Association in Atoka, Tennessee.  Our goal is to share information about our community.

We are a welcoming community that takes pride in our homes and being good neighbors.

This website will help you decide if Lochmeade will be your home, too!  Browse the website, view our photo gallery, drop us a note, or just drive through Lochmeade and see it for yourself.  We think you will like Lochmeade as much as we do.

Memorial Day 2015

ncew2AeMemorial Day is a time to reflect and be thankful for the men and women in our military who have given their lives to protect our country’s freedom. They pledged to honor and defend the United States of America so that we may be free to express our opinions without oppression from others.

Many of us only think of Memorial Day as the official beginning of summer and grilling season. We should take a moment this Memorial Day to reflect on the actual meaning of this holiday and be thankful for our freedoms that the sacrifices of others have afforded us.