Welcome to the Lochmeade Homeowners Association Website

Lochmeade SignWelcome to the website for the Lochmeade Homeowners Association in Atoka, Tennessee.  Our goal is to share information about our community.

We are a welcoming community that takes pride in our homes and being good neighbors.

This website will help you decide if Lochmeade will be your home, too!  Browse the website, view our photo gallery, drop us a note, or just drive through Lochmeade and see it for yourself.  We think you will like Lochmeade as much as we do.

Labor Day September 7, 2015

Labor Day began as a federal holiday in 1894 to celebrate American workers’ contributions to the economy and society.  Families today typically celebrate the holiday with picnics and get-togethers.  Since Labor Day is the last holiday of the summer, many people believe the holiday marks the unofficial end of summer.

However you choose to celebrate Labor Day, be safe and have fun!


New Board Member and Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Members

The Lochmeade HOA Board of Directors has selected Brad Hamil to serve as Secrtetary of the HOA Board.  Brad will also continue to serve on the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

Additionally, the HOA Board of Directors selected Rita Newman and Warren “Jay” Jones to serve with Brad on the ACC.

Let’s thank Brad, Rita, and Jay for serving our neighborhood in these positions.

Time for School!

The 2015-2016 school year is about to begin for all Tipton County Students. The Tipton County School System has 1/2 day for students on August 4th and the students have their first full day on August 10th. Tipton-Rosemark Academy begins their year on August 14th. Tipton Christian Academy’s calendar lists 1/2 day on August 6th and 1/2 day on August 7th with their first full day beginning on August 10th.

Please drive safely when transporting your children to school, and remember the speed limit throughout Lochmeade is 20 mph. Our community has to be extremely careful while driving in the mornings because many people are using Colton Ridge Lane as a cut-through street from Meade Lake Road to Atoka-Idaville. Many of the people who use Colton Ridge Lane as a cut-through street don’t obey the 20 mph speed limit. It’s best for everyone to practice defensive driving.

Many children in Lochmeade ride the bus to school. Please be cautious when driving by these children who are standing near the street waiting for their bus. And remember to always stop for the bus when the driver extends the stop sign on the bus. One can never be too careful when it comes to driving around children.

We hope all the children are excited about returning to school, meeting their new teachers, and making new friends. These friendships our children make sometimes last a lifetime.  We hope our children have a safe and productive year.

Lochmeade HOA meeting announcements will now post to the Lochmeade Neighborhood Friends Facebook page

Lochmeade Homeowners Association meeting announcements will now post to the Lochmeade Neighborhood Friends Facebook page. Lochmeade homeowners will need to continue to visit the HOA website for confidential information such as minutes of HOA meetings, Board of Director minutes, and financial information. Also, the Lochmeade HOA website contains personal information that should not be made available to the public such as homeowners’ addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

The gaps we may have had in communication are just part of us learning together how to operate the HOA and we are confident that we will get better.